Inclusive Educations offers an all-inclusive part-time school for home-schoolers, grades K-12.  Our curriculum is based off of the Texas Essential Knowledge and Skills (TEKS) and is differentiated to meet individual needs.  Parental involvement is a key element, as it allows for the curriculum to be practiced across many different settings.  This in essence, builds a context for meaning.




Summer Enrichment Program



Session I:

Meets from June 3-June 28

Monday-Friday 9-1


Session II:

Meets from July 8-August 2

Monday-Friday 9-1


Cedar Park, Texas at Twin Creeks

Cost: $300.00/week or $1000.00/session





Inclusive Educations practices the art and science of a mind/body/soul perspective.  Seeing each student as unique, there is an interaction between teacher and student to develop knowledge and skills through the student's unique talents and gifts.

  • We believe any student deserves one-on-one time, so our ratio of students to teacher/paraprofessional is 5:1.  As a result, there is a minimum of 30 minutes of individual teaching per classroom session.
  • All teachers/paraprofessionals are aware of/anticipate possibilities beyond the instructional scope.
  • Blended learning is incorporated (hands-on, presentation, project, and technology)
  • Embraces Universal Design for Learning (UDL)guidelines
  • No matter the starting point, each student is expected to do their best.
  • Instruction is challenging, yet supportive.
  • Assessments are only used to track growth on a skill that is already demonstrated, in other words, a formal proof of mastery.





Lane Elementary (K-6)

Meets Monday-Friday 9am-1pm


Alderson Junior High (7-8) and

Ford High School (9-12)

Meets Monday-Friday 9am-1pm




We are in Cedar Park, Texas at Twin Creeks






Please contact us for an application and to schedule a conference to gather the needs and wants for the family and student(s).  Discounts are available for siblings.



Tuition is paid yearly, by semester, or monthly.



School year 2019-2020: $7,200.00



Fall 2019 Semester: $3,600.00

Spring 2020 semester: $3,600.00



Monthly: $1,200.00/month




You may reach us at 512-270-1005 by phone, info@inclusive-ed.org by email, or through our email form.