To include all through equality of worth and harmony of individual talents.



Providing a meaningful and positive education to all by teaching kindness, respect, happiness, discovery, knowledge, creativity, and spiritual connectivity.




Stacy Ford graduated from Principia College in 1986 with a B.A. in fine arts and a minor in music.  About 10 years later, she came back to her love of science and started a career in aerospace engineering and mathematics, but in her junior year, put a hold on it to start a family.

She has three beautiful children, all with their own gifts.   Her youngest was born with Down syndrome and through her advocacy, realized a disconnect between research and practice in the school system.  She also saw education becoming more instructional as a type of screening, rather than differentiating the classroom to teach all students.  During this early time with her family, Ms. Ford grew a 14 year career as a quality assurance specialist in the high tech industry.  It was time, though, to transfer all her skills to work in education.  She completed her master's in education from Concordia-Portland, Oregon in December 2015.


She currently consults and provides individualized tutoring for grades K-12 and welcomes those with learning differences and behavioral challenges.