To include all through equality of worth and harmony of individual talents.



Providing a meaningful and positive education to all by teaching kindness, respect, happiness, discovery, knowledge, creativity, and spiritual connectivity.




Stacy Ford graduated from Principia College in 1986 with a B.A. in fine arts and a minor in music.  About 10 years later, she came back to her love of science and started a career in aerospace engineering and mathematics, but in her junior year, put a hold on it to start a family.

She has three beautiful children, all with their own gifts.   Her youngest was born with Down's syndrome and through her advocacy, realized a disconnect between research and practice in the school system.  She also saw education becoming more instructional as a type of screening, rather than differentiating the classroom to teach all students.  During this early time with her family, Ms. Ford grew a 14 year career as a quality assurance specialist in the high tech industry.  It was time, though, to transfer all her skills to work in the field of education.  She completed her master's degree in education from Concordia-Portland, Oregon in December 2015.


Through one-on-one instruction with students during the past 6 years, Ms. Ford saw the need to provide a school setting for those who need an academic focus, flexibility, parental involvement, and a genuine care and support for the student's progress and well-being.


With great joy, Ms. Ford will open an all-inclusive school for grades K-12 in September 2018!